Photo of Amy Sophia Marashinsky by Christopher Allan

I am an author on the path of the disciple with lifetimes of experience. When told by a Pisces friend that Geminis overwhelm her I responded, I know what you mean, Im a double Gemini with Pisces rising and I overwhelm myself. In this lifetime alone I have gone through so many careers before arriving at the path of my heart and soul, that I get worn out trying to remember them all.

Spiritually speaking, I follow my own path, which is a symbiotic synthesis of Shamanism/Goddess/ Ageless Wisdom. Shamanism believes that everything that exists has its own spirit or life force and is sacred. To this I add a celebration of the divine feminine-the Goddess, knowledge that everything and everyone is a manifestation of that Divine (yes, even those you cant stand), reincarnation, ecovillage sustainability, drumming, dancing, chanting, trancing, journeying, meditation and humor. My belief is that the universe vibrates to the key of love, and that I am here to embody love and light. I must say that this belief has really let me off the proverbial hook.

I thought I was here to be an overachiever and save the world. . .

Another of my beliefs involves the way I live my life. I am committed to right relationship with all -- which means not having, taking, buying, consuming, or using more than you need; letting your money stand up for your beliefs - buying organic, non-toxic, earth friendly, locally grown; and a willingness to mediate and work on my human relationships.

Author and creator of Goddess on the Go with artist Melissa Harris (Urania, Fall 2006); Mermaid Magic (HarperElement, November, 2005); Oracle of the Grail Code (HarperElement, Barnes & Noble co-edition, February, 2006); author and co-creator of The Goddess Oracle: A Way to Wholeness Through the Goddess and Ritual (transformation tool) with artist Hrana Janto (Element 1997; HarperElement 2002; new edition to be published by U.S. Games, 2006); eGoddesses or Assistance from the Goddesses in Spinning Life's Challenges into Wholeness (2000), co-editor and adaptor (with Susun Weed), Luna Yoga: Vital Fertility and Sexuality by Adelheid Ohlig (Ash Tree Publishing, 1994), I have counseled clients -- one-on-one and relationships, facilitated past life regressions, done intuitive readings, mediated conflicts and taught women's empowerment workshops for over twelve years.

Prior to my path as an author of spiritual road maps I was an award winning film mater -- a short documentary about a musician who makes instruments out of garbage as his solution to the ecological crisis; a writer/director/producer of theater -- comedy and action adventure; and had written for Japan's government owned NHK radio in Tokyo -- a docudrama about Commodore Perry and trade fiction (1982).

In the U.S., during the early 90's, I appeared on numerous radio stations, including New York's WBAI, and as a regular on WDST -- Woodstock, NY. In 1991, I released my first drumming cassette, Rhythms from the Womb -- conga trance drumming, and in 1994 released The Goddess Perspective -- lyrical monologues of the Greek Goddesses, which I vibrantly enacted.





amy sophia marashinsky
Passionate about cats, I believe everything in life is much improved with the addition of a cat or two. I was six years old when I had stomach pains that absolutely refused to be diagnosed. I was taken to this doctor and that specialist, but all to no avail. One night, at a party my parents attended, they met this doctor, this psychologist. Determined to leave no stone unturned, no doctor untried, my mother told him about my mysterious ailment. After she had finished he asked her, "What
My sweet companion, Lakota, photo by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

does she want most in the world?" "A cat." "Get her a cat and she will be cured," was his swift response. She did and I was.

I fell in love with mythology when I was ten years old and voraciously read all the world myths and legends I could find. Discovering Andrew Lang and his series of fairy tale books in different colors and cultures, I devoured them, too. (I don't think I lived much in "reality" that tenth year of my life - what with a steady diet of myths, fairy tales and legends!)

After reading a book on hypnosis at age fifteen, I put my first subject into a light trance. I've been putting people to sleep with my voice ever since. . .

One of the greatest gifts I have received has also been the most challenging. In 2000 I was in a car accident, that resulted in a permanent partial neck disability. Then in 2003, I discovered that I had Lyme and not the fibromalgia that I had been diagnosed with, when some of the symptons of my accident lingered on. The Lyme originally occurred in 1992, when I thought I reacted allergically to an antibiotic. This gift of differently-abiling my physical body has been a most powerful spiritual teacher.

At this point in my life, I am focusing on writing books and my newish career (remember, I did do radio) of creating audio in the form of downloadable digital MP3 files. But enough about me . . .

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And may the Goddess/Divine Mother bless each and every moment of your life!